About Our Foster Cats

When you visit Wags!, don't be alarmed if you hear a few meows! You'll often find a special cat or two from West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue, living here until a forever home can be found. Our WCDC foster kitties usually love visitors, so don't hesitate to take a moment from shopping to pay them a visit. We are happy to arrange before or after-hour appointments for people who wish to socialize with the cats one on one.

Past Success Stories...

Buddy, Peanut, Junior, Womby, Stormy, Tobbias Meowkins, Suki, Tori, Conan, Jimmy, Cammie, Annie Mae, Bagheera, Ringo, Tori(second), Savannah, Apple, Peach, Guava, Loki, Bella, Stella, Kizmo, Polly Peachface, Peabody, BC, Elle, Princess Cleo, Romeo, O'malley, Blondie, Val, Charlie, Comfrey, Pumpkin, Mickie, Minnie, Bunny, Cowboy, Sailor, Tsunami, Marcus, Lucy, Mr. Black, Ms. Mars, Kahn, and more!


Rio is Available!

About Rio

RIO is quite a character of a cat, from his freckled nose to his long skinny tail. He is approximately 5 years old. He is very handsome with big golden eyes, pale orange fur, and long limbs, but he has extremely sensitive skin -- so he needs grain-free food and his new home will need to keep his flea-control up-to-date each month. Rio has a comical but dominant personality and loves to play, but he prefers to be the boss. He has not been a lap-sitting cat in his foster home, but he loves to be around his people and watch all their doings. He likes to be up high, so he would love a cat-size watchtower to observe his domain. He gets along with other cats if they are playful and accept his bossiness. He gets along well with dogs who know to play with him or stay out of his way. He would probably be fine with older children who could play string and feather with him or roll his jingly ball. Rio is an active boy who needs an active home with lots of play possibilities. His special adoption fee is just $60, which is strictly to help us cover our costs. He has been tested for feline leukemia and FIV (he is negative), neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, defleaed and dewormed—plus you get a free vet visit. For more information call Beth at (541) 255-9296

Learn more about Pumpkin on his Petfinder profile here.


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